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                                                 Level 1,2,3 Support



Get advice for your global request.


Our NOC offers 24/7/365 Level 1, 2 and 3 Support wherever you’re located.

As our team diagnoses the problem, our Level 1 support reviews equipment failures. If we determine that the issue does not relate to hardware malfunction, we’ll escalate to Level 2 or 3, depending on the nature of the problem.



Technical Support Level Classification

Free up your valuable IT resources relevant to your business goals rather than spending your time chasing network issues.

Level 1 – Critical Issue


An issue where, the system, program, application or tool is not working, causing downtime in operations. Examples include CE Network equipment failure, link failure, intermittent connectivity, interrupted bandwidth speed. We assess and solve the problem in less than four hours.

Level 2 – Important Issue


A Level 2 issue occurs when the system, program, application or tool works, but some of its functions are blocked or limited. Examples include PE Network Equipment failure, fiber breakage or major power issues. We solve these problems within eight hours and provide you with deep configuration analysis.

Level 3 – Usability Issue


An issue where the system, application or tool works and the main operations perform, but a single or multiple, significant functions are unavailable. Our team conducts a full analysis of the system, with issue resolution in less than 12 hours.